“An Apple a Day”

photo321“An apple a day”…as the saying goes…”keeps the Doctor away.” Great advice…here’s why: Apples contain fiber, multiple pure vitamins, antioxidants to combat free radical damage in our cells, glucose for energy…

They may not save you from all that ails you, but eating an apple is a 5 minute exercise in taking care of yourself. Mom said “you are what you eat.” A crisp, shiny apple, packed full of good things, is just what the Doctor ordered (he did listen to Mom eventually).

During the few minutes it takes to enjoy that apple, take the time to think back to some of the happy times in your life that fulfilled you…try to develop a sunny outlook on life. Who couldn’t use a little of that every day? A positive outlook will keep us alive longer. That apple can bring you better health!

As Dad said…”if you don’t have your health”….

Let’s take his advice!

John Z. M.D., and the staff at the Aesthetic Surgery Center of Napa Valley