Benefits of Teardrop Vs. Round Implants

shutterstock_24866206-200x300Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Napa Valley, Dr. John P. Zimmermann, discusses advantages and disadvantages of specific breast implant shapes.

Every breast augmentation patient is unique. By keeping in mind that each of our patients has a different chest wall diameter, a different volume of existing of breast tissue, and different aesthetic desires, we can take steps to ensure we are delivering results that meet their expectations. While some women want to look completely natural after surgery, others want an even fuller and more pronounced bust – and we want to make our patients happy.

While most of our patients have an idea of what they would like their results to look like, we provide a lot of guidance when the patient is deciding on a specific breast implant. Most patients do not have concrete information. They may have conducted some online research, but there are many “facts” about breast augmentation on the internet that are simply not true. Patients do not often come in for a consultation knowing if they want a round implant or a teardrop implant, but we are here to help them make an informed decision. Breast reconstruction patients in particular tend to leave the majority of the decisions up to us and rely on our experience.

Though new form-cohesive teardrop implants are now available, they are not necessarily the best choice for each breast augmentation candidate. The teardrop implants are more expensive than the round implants, and while some patients with a fairly small breast diameter will benefit from the teardrop implant’s ability to fill out some of the adjacent tissue, many patients don’t actually need that benefit. For patients with a fair amount of breast tissue that are seeking to create a more rounded contour to the breast, round implants may actually be the better option.

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