Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

There is much excitement in the Plastic Surgery community regarding the future potential of breast augmentation using fat injections. This technique consists of stretching out the breast skin and soft tissues using an external suction device (“expander”) worn most of the day for several weeks before the injection of fat into the outer layers of the breast. Benefits obviously include a completely natural form of breast augmentation and the simultaneous decrease in fatty areas of the body from which the fat is removed.

There are only a handful of sites in the country presently working with developing this technique. Only a modest amount of breast volume augmentation can be achieved at present.

Concerns vary with regard to the long term efficacy and safety of this technique. Not all of the fat injected may survive, leading to a situation known as “fat necrosis” and secondary calcifications in the breast tissue. There is concern regarding confusing these calcifications with the calcium deposits seen in breast cancers on mammography.

Although Dr. John P. Zimmermann has long been experienced in fat transfer techniques (including fat transfer to breast soft tissue defects), and has received up to date training in this particular form of augmentation, we are presently waiting for more informational and safety data to be received before undertaking this particular procedure.

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